Vegetables are the bane of some people’s existence. You know you have to eat them to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. However, they can be quite bland on their own and unless you know how to make a tasty dish, they can leave a bad taste in your mouth. There are ways to add them to your diet, without it being a burden though.

Buy them fresh 

Fresh vegetables are not as bland as frozen or pre-bagged vegetables. If you can, buy them from a farm. Vegetables which have been grown outside have more flavour and vitamins and minerals than those mass produced in a greenhouse. You’ll also find they are cheaper to buy fresh.


Some people are more likely to eat vegetables if they can zap them in the microwave in between games on and Facebook conversations. Pre-bagged microwavable vegetable packs are sold fairly cheaply in supermarkets, and can take as little time as three minutes to heat up for your meal, dependent on how big the bag is.

Mix with everyday meals 

Find ways to sneak vegetables into the meals you cook for yourself for dinner. For example, bolognese benefits from having tiny pieces of carrot chopped up and mixed in with the sauce. Not only do you not notice they are there, they also enhance the flavour and pack it out making the meal more filling.

Steam them 

Try steaming your vegetables for your meals. Boiling them takes away a lot of the flavour and goodness. When you steam them, the condensation falls back onto the vegetables, meaning the nutrients stay.

Plan around the vegetables 

Most people add vegetables as an aside. Try planning your meals around the vegetables instead, that way you are guaranteed to include them, and they’re more likely to be tasty because you’ll incorporate them more fully. For example, a vegetable stir fry.