Foodie? We all are!


Delectable Ideas
A personal blog about delectable foods and food ideas.

Dishes By Pehpot
A blog about pinoy dishes eaten by typical Filipinos.

Happy Meals
Happy Meals For A Happy Family.

Mahlzeit is a German salutation, which is used during lunchtime. It descended from a more formal salutation and is the short form of “Gesegnete Mahlzeit” (archaic term, de: blessed meal). In Austria it still has its old meaning and is only used in connection with meals.

This blog is a collection of recipes I found online and in cookbooks, cooked at home.I thank all the kind chefs and homemakers around for sharing their secrets, and so with this, I share them too.

My Tummy Calls
A detail of my journey with food, whether home-cooked or take-out, dine-in or for delivery. At times it may even be about sampling a new cuisine or just daring for something out of the ordinary. When I try something out and it turns out great, I also share the recipe for everyone to enjoy.

Taste Matters
A food and drink blog documenting our home cooked recipes, kitchen utensils, trying out new international cuisines, kitchen explorations, and review on restaurants and bars as we wine and dine around the metropolis.

The F Blogger
This blog talks about everything food! From the local Baguio cuisine to all the flavors of the world that is within my tongue’s reach, you can find it here. Far from being a recipe blog (although it does offer a recipe or two once in a blue moon), this journal delves instead on the heavenly world of breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the wonderful snacks and desserts in between. Whether it be home or fast food or restaurant -made. Nothing fancy though, just your average Joe’s food. But definitely all delicious!

The Peach Kitchen
The Peach Kitchen is about my adventure in and out of my kitchen. I came from a family of cooks. Not professional cooks, just people who know how to cook good food. I’ve been tasting and smelling soul food since birth and I wanted to see if I can cook these old recipes myself. This blog is also about discovering new recipes from different parts of the world, so I eat out and have restaurant adventures. There are times that I also publish some yummy but light South beach Diet recipes to help those who are trying to lose weight.

Yummy Treats
Yummy Treats is not just another food blog. Here you will find loads of delicious healthy recipes for every occasion. This blog will also showcase the author’s food discoveries and adventures, reviews of different restaurants and their specialties, and so much more.

Yummy Wahmmy
Blogging is my passion. Cooking is not. Yummy Wahmmy is a compilation of the food I ate in places that I have visited. This blog is also where I will start my cooking career; I will learn how to cook, step by step, through experience and by the book. Come, learn and cook with me.