The spring and summer season is the perfect time to work on home improvement projects or room renovations. With the cooking trend getting more families spending more time in the kitchen, homemakers can work on expanding their kitchen or remodeling it for a more efficient use of space. Those who would like to give their kitchen a new and upgraded look can take advantage of this season to have a kitchen island installed. These free standing work stations are considered as a trendy element in modern kitchen designs. Homeowners can build these structures on their own or hire a contractor to do it for them.


As with any home furnishing, the basic considerations in choosing a kitchen island are size, features, and style. The size would of course depend on the available space. Kitchen islands are ideally used in open kitchens. Small and enclosed kitchens are poor candidates for an island, as there should be ample space to move around the island without bumping or toppling anything. Check the kitchen parameters and get exact measurements before making any purchase.

kitchen island
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When it comes to the features of the island, homeowners would have to evaluate their kitchen needs. If they would simply need additional counter space and storage, then a flat surface with built-in racks, shelves and cabinets at the bottom will suffice. Those who would like their islands to be utilized as prep and serving area may opt to have a secondary sink in their island. Others who have big and open spaces usually opt to have a fully equipped island with sink, cook-top, and sophisticated storage at the bottom. Some would even place a couple of chairs at one side of the island where their guests can sit or eat while they cook.

As far as style is concerned, the choice will depend on the personal preference of the homeowner and the interiors of the kitchen. The popularity of this kitchen feature has resulted to the availability of numerous designs that one can choose from or get inspiration from. It doesn’t matter if it’s a D-I-Y or a custom built one, having a kitchen island in the house can improve your kitchen in looks and functionality.