bacon potato soup

Spring has arrived…you hear the birds singing its tune, you smell the flowers as they bloom. The trees are growing green leaves, grasses covering the fields. I will miss winter so much…not! I wouldn’t really, but I’d be cooking less soup now…Bacon potato soup is one of the easiest soup to cook and one of my kids’ favorites. This recipe is of the “measure-your-own” method of cooking. 🙂



Bacon strips
Olive oil
chopped onions
minced garlic
Potatoes, peeled and sliced in rounds
Heavy cream
Chicken stock
Salt and pepper
Green onions


1. Heat skillet, cook bacon until crispy. Remove bacon oil and set the strips aside.

2. In a soup pot, put olive oil and saute garlic and onion. Put in potatoes and cook for a few minutes. Put chicken stock, just enough to cover potatoes and leave on stove for about 10 minutes. Stir in a little to break up the potatoes a bit but leave some chunks, the kids would love that.

3. Add butter and stir until it melts. Put in heavy cream after. Stir and flavor with salt and pepper.

4. Adjust thickness by adding water or soup stock or heavy cream according to your preference.

5. Serve in bowls, top with bacon strips and green onions.