naggerder Frankendöner Haweii

That’s my naggerder Frankendöner Haweii mid Dibb/Escalope Hawai,  seared pork cutlet topped with ham and grilled pineapple. This is what I had during our last semi-rendezvous with the in-laws in Nürnberg, at S’Baggers to be exact.

For the dish, I love that they used fresh pineapple which was thickly cut and I did mention I love this grilled fruit over at my other blog where I already featured the restaurant. Please click here for that related story and to see how they uniquely serve food.


spare ribs


S’Baggers serves  traditional Franconian (a historic region in Germany, mostly northern Bavaria and neighboring cities) – all low-fat and low-calorie dishes. That means the use of calorie-less vegetable oil for frying (I think). The kids got Fritters (Baggers) so I’m not so worried that it’s loaded with oil.

Hubby got Barbecue spareribs with a serving of different breads. Since we are entitled to choose our own dip I only got catsup which didn’t go well with my dish, he got cranberry sauce which didn’t go well with the ribs. Solution – exchange of sauces! lol. The cranberry was good for mine but mom-in-law said she wouldn’t want to have her dish and dessert together like that. hihi



A few minutes after and what’s left is a plate of bones! Dessert follows.



Am Steinacher Kreuz 28

D-90427 Nuremberg

Tel. +49 (0) 911 / 477 90 90
Fax +49 (0) 911 / 477 90 92

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  1. 8-20-2011

    everything looks yummy! yup, even what’s left of the spareribs! lol.
    …and that ray of light on the last shot is awesome! did you use filter? or long exposure?

    thanks for playing again, G
    happy weekend! 🙂

    • 8-20-2011

      Maiy, automatic setting, lol. Thanks! Sorry I’m late – I just can’t miss joining your meme!

  2. 8-20-2011

    yummy foodie!

    hopping from Yummy’s my entry..see yah!

  3. 8-20-2011

    wondering where my comment goes? 😮

  4. 8-21-2011

    Oh boy i like the food..Happy YS!

  5. 8-21-2011

    very thick nga ang pineapple, i want 🙂

  6. 8-21-2011

    wow!! that looks very delish! sarap to the bones talaga! dropping by from YS! hope you can visit mine too and follow my new food blog… thanks!

  7. 8-21-2011

    yummy pineapple!

  8. 8-21-2011

    I so love the first photo! so mouthwatering!

  9. 8-22-2011

    I’m drooling for the first photo. So yummy. I wanna eat it.

  10. 8-22-2011

    there’s only one thing I could say. YUMMMYYYYY!!!!!

  11. 8-23-2011

    i can see how good this dish is. theres no leftover! lol.

    late YS here. mine is at A SAHM Reviews .Net

  12. 8-27-2011

    yummy foods. My dogs will surely love the leftovers. LOL!

  13. 8-30-2011

    this looks very delicious, makes me hungry, exotic food too, visiting from YS, hope you can visit me here too


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