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From the last entry you saw two of our main dishes, that’s actually the only photos I got because we were seated round a table, I can’t take photos of the other plates and I was too lazy to stand up and go around their part of the table. ­čśÇ The photo above is a setup by the restaurant’s entrance we didn’t have that elaborate set of utensils on our table though…



The S’Baggers experience will not be complete without dessert. Like the main dishes, the names are new to me…not for being Franconian but because they weren’t the usual dessert names you see on a menu.

My daughter got a dessert called Unser Beitrag f├╝r eine bessere Welt – very unusual name indeed as it translates to Our share for a better world…perhaps it’s their version of the world would be better with good food. It’s a combination of Apfelstr├╝del and Topfen (quark cheese) Str├╝del with vanilla sauce. She doesn’t like quark cheese so she gave it to her grandma which she gladly had. Dawty ordered another for take home and shared it again with mom-in-law.

eisboy eis

Both boys got strawberry ice cream, made from fresh strawberries. It was named┬áA Erdbeereis direggd in die Wafflll, strawberry ice cream in wafer. The cup is edible and both boys went eating theirs all by themselves. Hubby and I were too full for desserts…

Main dishes here, restaurant exterior and more here.


  1. Your dawty have a sophisticated taste for a young age. And she’s willing to try new things. Usually kids will order sweets like your boys did. Speaking of cheese, Una doesn’t like cheese except on pasta dishes and pizza.

  2. Strawberry is my most favorite ice cream flavor. Naiinggit ako sa ice cream! :)

    Thanks for linking up to Weekend Eating…
    happy new week, G!

  3. gusto ko ung ganyan na ice cream cup…edible! :)


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