Unagi no Kabayaki – Barbecued Eel

Two weeks ago I got lost in the city for 3 consecutive days…I don’t clearly recall where I was headed the first time lol…The 3rd time was when I was going to the University (19th district) and while inside the University to inquire about translation studies.  The second time was when I was looking for a certain Japanese foodshop (1st district) to buy sizzling plates.

I have been in that shop only once, found it by accident then and I promised myself that I’d definitely be back…I did after 2 years and going about lost in the streets for an hour. Also, I wasn’t able to buy the sizzling plates since they were out of stock…I came home with some of the usual Japanese loot I need like mayonnaise, beni-shouga, wakame, nori, miso paste and tonkatsu sauce. Some rarity that can’t be bought in the Asian store near our place would be Kamaboko slices, Pocky chocosticks, frozen Unagi  no kabayaki and a cute hello kitty bentou box. The little girl was surely happy when I gave it to her along with a pair of hoshi.


Well, I immediately thawed the eel so we can have it for dinner. I only need to cook rice and make some kabayaki sauce. The sauce is just like that of teriyaki only with less sugar. Given the circumstances, I would love to grill glazed eel  too but as I’ve always complained, where we are is far from where the fishes are so I’d just be thankful to that Japanese shop. I would go back as often as I can even if I get lost in the way…

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