rocky road
Top it!

Philippine ice cream flavors has finally landed in this city. Magnolia ice cream tubs are now available at some of Vienna’s Asian shops. I was accidentally at an Asian shop during the first few days of their arrival so I bought Ube Macapuno (purple yam and sweetened, shredded young coconut meat). My kids love ube so it was a total hit! There’s also plain ube and quezo (cheese)…

I later on learned from a friend that at the Asian shop near them, Rocky Road is offered. I let out a loud outcry. 😀 I love Rocky Road ice cream and I haven’t tasted it for almost a decade! Well, a year actually. hihi. My friend lives quite far from us so there’s no way that I could get some….well maybe there is but I’m just lazy. So to satisfy my cravings I made some all by myself.



Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate Brownies (cubed)
Choco chips
Chocolate glaze

I did the simplest thing…to combine everything. Normally, the mixture has to be refrigerated but I’m impatient so I just had it like that. 🙂 Still is yummy as when frozen! 😉