grilled salmon
Soy-butter grilled Salmon.

The week past was a a whirlwind, I was out of the house everyday despite allergy attacks. Despite being called Ferien (holidays), we were most busiest and wasn’t able to stay much at home. Some days you’d see us lugging our neck and shoulder-breakers around, shooting here and there. Some days I went with the dawty out as far as an hour away from home as she familiarize herself with what to do at the play rehearsals. Yes, I’m a stagemom once again. ^_^

In between, I rarely got the time to cook…which I’ve been missing out on a lot too. 🙁

So on Sunday we were finally able to have a peaceful lunch at home. I bought this salmon fillet Saturday (stores being closed on Sundays) on our way home from rehearsal. weew!

Salmon is what I consider the king of all fish. (lol) If there’s even such a thing. You know how I’d go and throw down the drain the hard-earned 2-kilos-lost-from-dieting  if salmon is served…really don’t care.

There are quite a few recipes I enjoy with salmon and I love every bit of them. When in a hurry, this filet soy-butter, that’s simply soy sauce and butter is the easiest I can prepare.

salmon filet



Salmon Filets
Butter, melted
Soy sauce



Grill Pan or griller


Clean and prepare filets. In a small bowl, combine melted butter and soy sauce. Brush filets with soy-butter and sprinkle with pepper and lemon.

Place filets, skin side, on your grill pan. Grill for 6-8 minutes depending on thickness. Flip once. Brush with soy-butter again. You can try flaking it with a fork, salmon is done then. Serve with rice and miso soup and veggies.

grilled salmon
Serve with rice and veggies or soup.

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