Mochi. Those molded Japanese rice cakes of various colors following its flavor and ingredients. This came from seeing my photos of the ginataang bilo bilo we cooked at mom-in-law’s place. Those are glutinous rice balls cooked in coconut milk added with tapioca pearls, jackfruit strips, cubed sweet potatoes and plantain banana. Hubby specifically requested for this dessert. She taught me how it’s done. 🙂


Since glutinous rice flour is the same ingredient used for making bilo bilo (balls) and mochi, I thought that it’s possible for me to make them at home too.

So the little boy was more than willing to help. He enjoys everything that can be done in the kitchen…baking, stirring soup, setting the timer, putting muffin paper into baking tins and most of all, eating. So here, his hands are full of glutinous rice flour that he’s making into balls.

We’ll soon make mochi.