We had a special assembly today and yesterday outside of Vienna. The kids and I travelled an hour from the city’s Westbahnhof to St. Pölten to freshen up and be full with spiritual food. The affair starts from 9 in the morning and ends up short before 4pm. It is but natural to bring bentou (packed lunch) since there’s a one hour alloted for this.


For today hubby helped me prepare what we were bringing. We had ebi tempura, soy-butter salmon fillets, surimi maki, sushi rice, buttered veggies and peaches for dessert. Above bentou box is for me and  the little boy.

I was sticking to the make-it-colorful rule in bentou designs thus the outcome. Colors does make it attractive, don’t you think?

I packed a separate lunchbox for the older boy. His contains much the same us ours only lesser.  I’m proud to say that he did finish this serving. My daughter was having a headache so she stayed at home with dad. We made sure that there’s enough for them too especially the ebi tempura because it’s her favorite.

For the recipe on making sushi rice, please click here. You can use sushi rice as is or make maki, onigiri, sushi and musubi. It is not advisable to make sushi or maki with raw ingredients so stick to surimi, cucumber (not Spanish) and other cooked stuffing.

Hubby did all these surimi maki saying that I should bring some for friends who enjoy them. I will soon post a recipe for ebi tempura…I’m a bit tired because of travelling. See you again!




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