Braised beef

Back when hubby and I are still dating we would have favorite restaurants and certain dishes that we order in pair like our palate and tummies are synchronized. ^_^ There was a restaurant, whose name now lost in memory, that served a dish we still remember – it’s savory aroma still reminiscent of our visits. They have the best braised beef – a side dish of carrots and green onions on top of rice – that we often have for dinner. Been attempting to duplicate it since we moved here but to no avail.


I did at one time followed a recipe I found online and posted it here, it tastes more of the Chowking version. It wasn’t easy to do too…so when I found this braised beef sauce at the Asia shop I was relieved and ecstatic. We were having braised beef often ever since.

Braising is a long process. Here is a detailed procedure, complete with photos that I found online. What I do, for lack of time or for laziness as well, is to put the beef in a pressure cooker – a lot of them actually in different cuts meant for stew and gulasch. After half an hour of cooking, I’d let the meat cool down and marinate it with the special sauce (would check the brand later) for 20 minutes or so. I then heat up oil and put the marinated meat in, cooking until the sauce somewhat looks it’s been absorbed and pour all sauce in. I turn off the heat then and let the sauce thicken up.

Hubby often asks for boiled egg and carrots for side dishes but mashed potato and broccoli are the kids’ request. Serve with rice, and yes, so tender are the meat you can use chopsticks for them! ^_^

Braised beef


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