Winter is getting the better of us. We’re becoming much like squirrels…we only get out of the house when need be. That is to go to school and buy food. That is why I am so thankful for the corner shop that sells vegetables and fruits in bulk, they also have meat that I can get for less – well, compared to grocery prices. Most importantly, eggs in abundance. I can get 30 eggs for 4euro whereas 10 eggs at the grocery shops cost 2euro already. The eggs are important for hubby and I, building up muscles from protein, for the macarons that we so love to make and for the cupcakes…for the same reason as the macarons.


There are a number of red velvet cake and cupcake recipes around but I wouldn’t go test each of them as they did here. Though I got to be thankful I know now which recipe I should follow next. These cuppies were made some months ago, unearthed from archives and posted oh so late. ^_^ I anyway hope you enjoy these eye candies. This is from one of my favorite bakers, Stephanie Jaworksi of Joy of Baking.



Food Friday, Yummy Sunday


  1. 12-25-2011

    ako rin, i only go out when i really need to…the traffic is horrendous! i shopped till the New Year na para di na ako ma-stress sa supermarket na parang walang katapusan ang lines. what’s the red bits on top of the cupcakes?

    • 12-27-2011

      Cupcake crumbs 😉 from one whole piece na dinurog 😉

  2. 12-26-2011

    Cupcakes is good…Visiting from YS!

  3. 12-26-2011

    cupcakes! my newest addiction! i bought a copy of the book Georgetown Cupcakes and i wish to try their signature red velvet cupcake. i hope i can really make them… was here for YS! Merry Christmas by the way!

  4. 12-26-2011

    yum…this red velvet cupcakes looks very sweet and delish 🙂 Dropping some love for Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the favor too.

    Have a Prosperous New Year to you and to your family circle

  5. 12-26-2011

    Yummylicious! I want to try making red velvet cupcakes from scratch too!

  6. 12-27-2011

    The cupcakes look lovely! You are lucky to have such a nice shop near you, especially in the winter. Over here our problem is the traffic and the crowds! 😉

  7. 12-31-2011

    that looks lovely! 🙂

  8. 1-6-2012

    paanu nio ba naggawa yung ganyan it looks simple pero ang ganda ng presentation

  9. 1-6-2012

    looks like those were made by a professional! i don’t know how to bake…

  10. 1-6-2012

    That looks soooo delish and mouth watering! I am a newbie when it comes to baking and I am really eager to become a good cook and baker. 🙂 You said euros? You’re in Europe? 🙂

  11. 1-6-2012

    been craving for this…lol.

    Happy 2012, G!
    lovely new template! magazine style…. 🙂

  12. 1-6-2012

    i have been baking eversince i was in college and even took up cooking and baking class because of my passion for food. i haven’t tried a red velvet cake or cupcake yet. need to get me a good recipe and bake .

  13. 1-11-2012

    These look great 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I need to get back into baking. Lately I have been just seeing how many ways I can cook chicken without hating the stuff… because it is what’s affordable. Sounds like you have a great store near you, similar to one I just shopped at today. While grocery stores are getting more insane, the locals are getting cheaper. Which is great because I love shopping local anyways! Have a great night!

  14. 1-11-2012

    me again, G (via the FE fb group)…you’re really making me want to tste ’em! lol

  15. 1-11-2012

    Those cupcakes do look good, I will do some baking for Valentine’s

  16. 1-11-2012

    Stopping by to say Hi from FE Facebook blogging group. These cupcakes look oh-so-tempting!
    Have a great day!

  17. 2-9-2012

    pahingi! 🙂

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