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Chilli con Carne

December 10, 2011


 I am not much a fan of spicy food, hubby is and the kids took that from him. Wasabi peanuts? Go ahead, they’ll munch on those as they would popcorn. If there’s one chili dish to exempt, it would be chili con carne and when I cook it, it’s not really that spicy. Actually I am missing the chilli hotdog that hubby and I like from 7-11, a 24-hour store back home. Being often out late due to the nature of our work (publishing), 7-11  has become a favorite hangout when we get hungry in the middle of the night.

For the recipe I follow this one I found online sans the yogurt and coriander garnish. I also had to put less spicy ingredients, the kids and hubby could spice theirs later. I dropped in red beans too and since I removed the yogurt, I topped it with cheese instead.



Food Friday

  1. curious about wasabi peanut…i remember chili con hotdog at 7-11 and chili con carne at Wendy’s, both not available here at Dubai…

    your presentation really looks nice…

    1. I remember those too, we don’t Wendy’s here in Vienna too, made me miss those, plus their baked potato cheese and cheese! lol

  2. Love, love, love chili con carne! Gusto ko tuloy pumunta ng Wendy’s. I looked into the recipe, looks easy enough. Sana lang kainin ni Kris. He hates spicy food. I just noticed, walang beans. Or am I thinking of an entirely different dish?

  3. it’s the other way around in my family .Hubby is not a friend of chili’s/spicy food while me and my 2 boys(even the 3 years old) love spicy/hot food .That is why when hubby is around ,i avoid putting a lot of spices on our dish.

  4. I once did chili con carne and everyone here says it was good. I don’t fancy spicy foods either. But chili con carne is one spicy goody which’s difficult to resist… especially with newly cooked rice. 🙂

  5. I actually just finished my Chili-to-go from Tommy’s. What a coincidence! But I guess yours is better. I love the presentation. I am really into spicy foods but haven’t tried yet the wasabi peanut. 🙂

  6. I can relate to the low tolerance to spicy food but loving the chili-con-carne hotdogs from 7-11. With your version, I would probably try it out but if things get a little too spicy, I just hope there’s a glass of water nearby. 🙂

  7. ay ang cute ng plate 🙂 you gave me an idea sis, i’ll be buying a similar plate for me lang para controlled ang rice intake ko ahaha

    it has been a while since i last cook this, i’ll include it in this week’s menu 🙂

  8. I LOVE SPICY FOOD! Hahaha I much on wasabi peanuts too and I cannot eat my sushi without the wasabi. I also love kimchi and satay. Yummy! 🙂 Chili con carne is also good especially with nachos! 🙂

  9. i used to get that chilli hotdog at 7-11, too! dinner after work. i loved it! sayang, i don’t think they are still offering it to this day. will click on the link for the recipe….

    thanks much for sharing over at Food Friday, G
    happy start of the week (ooppps, Sunday pa ata dyan? hehehe)!

  10. hmmm, no beans on that recipe link, but am assuming you added in the beans. lol. i love using cannellini beans pero ubos na stock ko…need to go out and buy some more! 🙂

    thanks again, G!

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