Frozen Yogurt

Lighter than ice cream, but just as delicious: Frozen Yogurt or FroYo. In most countries, it can be bought just like ice cream for so many years now, but in this city it has, I think, taken recognition just a few years back. The nearest shop from our place offering frozen yogurt closed down and since we have an ice… Read More Frozen Yogurt


Doughnuts by request

There are a lot of baked goodies that son1 would request from time to time. I could easily make almost all of them except for doughnuts…I found this recipe from youtube but I changed it a slightly. My dilemma was    I deep fried it instead of baking so maybe it was not a good… Read More Doughnuts by request

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Mohr im Hemd

Mohr im Hemd is an Austrian dessert of chocolate cake pudding served with hot chocolate and whipped cream and most of the time, ice cream. Its basic ingredients are chocolate, bread crumbs, sugar, egg yolks, almonds and red wine and has the shape of a small Gugelhupf but the above form is acceptable too. ^_^ Like… Read More Mohr im Hemd

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Candy Sprinkles

One of the best way to bond with kids is baking, it’s an enjoyable activity for my kids, at least. They love to put tins,  crack eggs, measure the ingredients, mix the batter, watch them in the oven as they “grow.” But I think the most they’d like to do is to frost and put… Read More Candy Sprinkles

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Craving for…

Mochi. Those molded Japanese rice cakes of various colors following its flavor and ingredients. This came from seeing my photos of the ginataang bilo bilo we cooked at mom-in-law’s place. Those are glutinous rice balls cooked in coconut milk added with tapioca pearls, jackfruit strips, cubed sweet potatoes and plantain banana. Hubby specifically requested for… Read More Craving for…

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From the last entry you saw two of our main dishes, that’s actually the only photos I got because we were seated round a table, I can’t take photos of the other plates and I was too lazy to stand up and go around their part of the table. 😀 The photo above is a… Read More Sweets

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Moist Ube Cake

Well, the title says ube – the tagalog word for purple and also the tuber from which my kids’ favorite cakes are made (purple yam) but this cake didn’t really turn out purple. If any there’s just a hint of lavender to it. Teehee. I can’t remember the recipe I used I just added in… Read More Moist Ube Cake

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A Loaf

In life, there are instances when you can only have a few of the most important  things, in those cases have something to keep you alive and something beautiful/something to help you fall in love… — for: