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Chocolate-y Cake pops

On this side of the world, my favorite chocolates and candies can be bought from a lone shop – at the United Nations Commissary. I’m talking about certain american products; those are not readily available in our local groceries. I would ask a friend then, who works at the UN to buy me some…thank goodness,… Read More Chocolate-y Cake pops

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Candy Sprinkles

One of the best way to bond with kids is baking, it’s an enjoyable activity for my kids, at least. They love to put tins,  crack eggs, measure the ingredients, mix the batter, watch them in the oven as they “grow.” But I think the most they’d like to do is to frost and put… Read More Candy Sprinkles


Cream Cheese Frosting

What make cupcakes more special? This…frosting that’s smooth, melt-in-your-mouth that you’ll be having seconds…and thirds…and fourths. Ingredients: Make sure that the cream cheese and Mascarpone are in room temperature before mixing them in. 250 grams cream cheese 250 grams Mascarpone cheese 115 grams confectioners sugar, sifted 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 360 ml  cold heavy… Read More Cream Cheese Frosting

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Moist Ube Cake

Well, the title says ube – the tagalog word for purple and also the tuber from which my kids’ favorite cakes are made (purple yam) but this cake didn’t really turn out purple. If any there’s just a hint of lavender to it. Teehee. I can’t remember the recipe I used I just added in… Read More Moist Ube Cake

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A Loaf

In life, there are instances when you can only have a few of the most important  things, in those cases have something to keep you alive and something beautiful/something to help you fall in love… — for:

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Macaron Perfected!

Finally, I can proudly say that after a lot of trials and using different recipes, we did it! We’ve made macarons and it’s easier than before, they developed lovely feet and were crunchy outside but very soft in the inside. We tried both ganache and confectioner’s frosting for filling…both tasted awesome! Again, let me differentiate… Read More Macaron Perfected!