Around the world in 5 Desserts

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When it comes to our main meals we easily travel the world with our culinary experimentation; Indian, Italian, Mexican and so on are all foods we regularly consume, but I have noticed we tend to overlook the desserts which are available. For example, we all know chilli is a Mexican dish but can you name any Mexican desserts?

Here we have some great desserts from around the world, how many have you tried, have you made any? If you haven’t tried any why not find the dessert recipes and make one yourself?

Pantanos de Centla, Mexico

Pantanos de Centla, Mexico

Mexico: Spiced Chocolate Brownies

Mexican desserts are generally custard or bread based, and it was hard to choose our favourite! Although thought of as more of an American creation the Chocolate Brownie has strong roots in Mexico! They are slightly different though with Mexican Chocolate Brownies potentially containing more spices giving a completely different culinary experience. Spices often added include cinnamon, cayenne and of course chilli powder, all of which bring something new to the table.

Spiced Chocolate Brownies

Spiced Chocolate Brownies

Royal Palace and Santa María la Real de La Almudena, Spain

Royal Palace and Santa María la Real de La Almudena, Spain

Spain: Churros

When looking at the huge choice of Spanish desserts available you will see they  are based around eggs and almonds with a flan base and almond flavours such as marzipan, almond biscuits all being popular. Churros however can easily be found as one of the most popular desserts in Spain, having originated from Madrid. Simple to make these are strips of dough, deep fried and topped with sugar and a choice of toppings or dips.

Churros con chocolate

Churros con chocolate


Kedar Range, Greater Himalayas, India

Kedar Range, Greater Himalayas, India

India: Carrot Halwa

India desserts are as flavoursome as their main meals; Kulfi, a frozen milk dessert, Payasam and Coconut Chikki are just a few of them! Some are slightly complex to make but that is part of the fun.  Coconut, mango and carrot are pretty popular ingredients in many of the Indian desserts. Carrot Halwa is an easy creamy dessert you can make at home in about an hour consisting of carrots, raisins, nuts, cream and milk.


Carrot Halwa

Carrot Halwa with fruits


Stonehenge, England

United Kingdom: Eton Mess

The UK has a huge variation of traditional desserts which have been popular for decades, examples include the Battenburg Cake, Victoria Sponge Cake and Trifle. Our favourite has got to be the exceptionally simple but effective Eton Mess. Now you can go simple and use ready made meringues from the supermarket or, make them yourself! Make a puree blending strawberries with icing sugar, crush the meringues and mix them with whipped double cream and some more chopped strawberries.

eton mess, uk desserts

Eton Mess

great wall of China

Great Wall, China

China:  Banana Spring Rolls

Chinese desserts are as exciting as their main meals and starters with some of the favoured options centering around steamed puddings, fruit pudding and cakes mung beans and egg tarts. Banana spring rolls are popular throughout the year and is a sweet take on the traditional spring roll. The rolls are filled with a banana and brown sugar and are typically served warm after being deep fried with vanilla ice cream on the side.

turon and ube ice cream

banana spring rolls and purple yam ice cream (image via



  1. 9-26-2013

    Loving the purple ice cream! The chocolate brownies look yummy, wish I could jump into the screen ha ha x

  2. 9-27-2013

    Oh well I be… I didn’t realize the banana spring roll originated in China. And all those times, I thought our famous banana turon is indigenous to our country. 🙂

    I love Churros! It’s my and daughter’s fave…

  3. 9-28-2013

    Of all these, I favorite is the churros. Sometimes, I go to Target snackbar just to get this.

  4. 9-28-2013

    Churrosis my fave from all of these deserts.

  5. 9-28-2013

    I love churros. Spicy brownies? I have never tried a spicy one before.

  6. 9-28-2013

    I wanna try that Eton Mess and boy that banana spring roll looks so delish!!! makes me want to make one here as I have some spring roll wraps left and some bananas as well! and oh, those churros too!

  7. 9-28-2013

    Great dessert to enjoy specially that of England Eton Mess and China’s Turon and yummy ice cream.

  8. 9-28-2013

    I thought it’s “disyerto”. Bet kong dessert ang Churros con chocolate of Spain.

  9. 9-28-2013

    I am not keen on eating spicy choco brownies, i like it sweet 🙂

  10. 9-28-2013

    Magnificent, those places are superb. I wish to visit them myself someday, although was thinking of visiting my friend in London so i’ll be able to see the stonehedge.

  11. 10-1-2013

    i love churros especially when the chocolate dip is thick 🙂 Is the banana spring roll the same with turon?

  12. 10-28-2013

    All these recipes sound so delicious! I wish that we had the recipes to make some of these! I love to see how and what other countries eat.

  13. 10-28-2013

    There desserts sound so delicious. I wish that there were recipes to make them so we could try them out. I love to try food from different countries.

  14. 10-29-2013

    I haven’t tried any of those before…. I would love to do some travelling so I could try all the popular dishes everywhere

  15. 11-9-2013

    The eton mess looks yummy. I was just craving an ube ice cream the other day. One time I made churros it didn’t turn out good, it was hard and it needed more cinnamon bec i used cinnamon with sugar.

  16. 11-15-2013

    These desserts makes my mouth water. I have a sift spot for desserts and I would love to try the Eton Mess and Spiced Chocolate Brownies

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