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So for today, I’m joining in my foodblog to this cause. If you want to know what Mahlzeit is about, click here. And here is a ramen recipe to go with it.

My husband dearly loves noodles. I guess the half of his blood is to blame for that. Growing up back and forth in the Philippines and Singapore has surely influenced his food preferences. Unfortunately, cooking noodles is not my forte. I can’t even cook decent pancit. 🙁 So most of the time we settle with instant noodles until last year when I discovered the joy of making Vietnamese noodle soup. I figured if I can make Vietnamese then I can also make Japanese!

I already made a complete ramen recipe before but it’s much complicated than this, I included char siu, egg and nori. Today, it’s just naruto kamaboko, fried onions and chives. I’m still far from making noodles at home so I just got them ready to cook from the Asia shop. There are a lot of soup used with Ramen, for today let’s make shoyu – soy sauce based.


A. For the soup:

a piece of kombu (dried seaweed)
4 cups of water
chicken bones, preferrably neck
shiitake mushrooms, about 3 pieces
2 garlic cloves
a drop of vegetable oil
thinly sliced ginger
soy sauce (depends on one’s taste)

B. Toppings

cooked chicken meat
naruto kamaboko slices
fried onion
chives, thinly sliced


1. In a bowl, soak kombu for an hour or more in water (the 4 cups mentioned above). – This is actually kombu dashi, used as base in many Japanese dishes.

2. Clean chicken neck, blood will make soup bitter so wash them thoroughly. In a large pot, combine all ingredients mentioned in A plus the water where kombu has been soaked (don’t include the kombu). Boil until half of the liquid remains. Remove from stove.

3. Strain and remove the solids. You can use the mushroom as topping or as additional ingredient for chopseuy (which I did that’s why you can’t see any on above photo).

4. Cook noodles per package direction. Strain and serve divided into bowls. Add soup and top with kamaboko slices, chicken meat, fried onion and chives.

You are free to add your favorite veggies like brocolli, corn, spinach or bokchoi.

Viel Spaß! Would love to see what you’ll come up with!