In the United States of America alone, cancer is responsible for a half million deaths every year. Scientists and cancer researchers maintain that if the U.S natives were more careful with their diet, most of these deaths could be prevented. The fact that some health and medical conditions cannot be avoided is undeniable, yet we cannot overlook the fact that the food we eat makes us what we are, what we look like and what our bodies consist of.


Essentially, the eating habits of a people can either invite or ward off cancer infections. Although cancer does not really originate from food, some kinds of food can increase or reduce one’s risk of getting cancer.

Research has it that no food or nutrients can exclusively protect against cancer; however a variety of foods can help ward off cancer or reduce the size of tumors. These are the top priority foods that the enlightened person should seek for in the grocery or food market. Luckily, these foods are common, easily available and generally affordable. To start with, foods that provide antioxidants in the body are highly recommended. Antioxidants work to eliminate free radicals originating from metabolic processes or from the immune system. However, free radicals also arise from others factors such as radiation, smoking, inhaling herbicides as well as pollution. These radicals are very reactive and if no antioxidants are available to neutralize them, they can result in the damage of body cells. This therefore indicates that foods supplying antioxidants to the body are necessary. Such foods include dried prunes, artichokes, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, wild blueberries, cherries, pecans, plums, apples, walnuts, beans and other legumes. Some spices like cinnamon and ground cloves are also good sources of antioxidants. In broader terms, components such as vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-carotene and selenium are excellent antioxidants and foods containing these elements help reduce chances of getting cancer.



Other foods that help protect against cancer include spices. In addition to their property of adding flavor to food, spices such as garlic, turmeric, ginger, coriander, rosemary, basil and curry powder are good immune boosters. Besides, a vast range of fruits and vegetables avail much in the prevention and management of cancer. For instance, apples have been found to reduce the risk of colon, throat, mouth, and lung cancer especially when taken regularly. They contain quercetin, an important nutrient that preserves cells from degeneration, thereby reducing its chances of resulting in cancer. Apples are best eaten raw with the skin as most nutrients are concentrated on the skin. Remarkably, all fruits should be washed thoroughly before eating.

On the other hand, most cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kales, Brussels sprouts have been found to have components that lower the risk of cancer. Actually, colored fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, which are considered to provide significant oncology solutions as well as a myriad of other health benefits. Finally, one should make it a habit of drinking plenty of clean water, which helps eliminate body toxins and stimulates the immune system.


This article is shared by Phyllis Cottrell.