Cookware is very much like women’s legs: not all are created equal.  Some women’s legs stretch for miles, while some leave much to be desired.  Same goes for cookware.  It’s not all just about pots and pans.  There are a lot of important things to consider when buying quality and reliable cookware.


Choose cookware which conducts heat smoothly and efficiently.  Copper cookware is believed to be the one that does this job the best.  Make sure that the base is thick and flat to make sure that heat is distributed evenly.  Although stainless steel is more popular because of its affordability, durability and convenience, it’s not so good at conducting heat.


When it comes to cookware, non-stick isn’t the end all and be all.  It’s nice to have, but not always necessary. Cooking on a non-stick at high heat can damage the non-stick coating.


fish mozarella
Pizza Mozarella and toppings


Handles are also important.  Choose ones that are riveted, and not screwed-on.  This is safer to use in the oven.  Be sure to choose cookware with good-fitting lids.


The weight of your cookware should be heavy enough to be stable, but not so heavy that you can barely lift it without feeling like you’re pulling a muscle.
More than your culinary expertise, your fate in the kitchen will be greatly determined by the quality of cookware you use.  If you want to try something new and start making pizza, for example, you can buy a pizza stone online @ Pro Cook.
Though ready-to cook pizzas are better to just chuck in your oven or perhaps a  deliverywill be more convenient, I still try once in a while to make them at home with the help my able little helpers, the kids.


Choose the right cookware for the job depending on the kind of cooking you’ll do, and you won’t be wasting precious money on sub-quality pots and pans.
Tips on Choosing Reliable Cookware