Remember the car cake? I’ve featured it here before and here it is again…A friend and I were browsing online for auto insurance comparison and I got hungry doing so that I ended up browsing for recipes….what do you know, this video stood out again.

I think an insurance is a must for those who own a car…it’s like your safety net in case anything not favorable happens to you or to the car. As we have no car at the moment we only have health insurance, house insurance and life insurance. All proved beneficial at many instances. I think it’s a wise move that I got them. In case we opt to buy a car, I’d definitely get an auto insurance too!

Since there are a lot of agencies around offering auto insurance, you need to find one that though not cheap would be sure to cover you at all times. Search online, you won’t miss those websites where all you have to do is enter your zip code, you get a free quotation most of the time!

Sure you don’t need to compare auto insurance for a car cake even as big as this but you’d definitely need your health insurance in case you get sick eating too much sweets!