Monday was mom’s busy day. Oh that’s me. I went with my daughter’s class once again to the city center to a somewhat educational field trip. We wandered around the Ringstrasse for the kids to learn about history, architectural buildings, famous artists, historical landmarks and Austrian government by seeing the real deal. (You can see some photos on my city daily photoblog.)

I was both a photographer and some sort of a tour guide too. ^_^ I made sure the kids in my group won’t go running around, that they understand what the buildings, statues are about and that they write what needs to be written on their papers correctly.


It took us until 1PM to be back to school. Then, daughter and I picked up my older son and we all went to pick up the littlest boy. We had late lunch. I had to submit some papers somewhere so off we went out again…right, the office was closed when we arrived at 4:05-they’re until 4! lol. 😀 I know them kids would be asking for something to eat and drink so we took the nearest tram…and our quest to find Tea-licious, the pioneer in Bubble teas in Vienna, began!

I suddenly remembered Zagu and its counterparts back in the days…We’d have brainfreeze all the time! lol.

A tram ride, a transfer and some stations took us to one of my favorite district…very near the Japanese shop where I practice my very little Japanese knowledge by talking to the owners ans cashier. Accordingly, we followed the iPhone’s map instruction and we found the dainty shop.

There were relatively a lot of people when we came, patiently waiting for their turn to be served. The place only has one able crew but I tell you he’s adept with his work. Oh, I actually have a coupon again. (I love discount coupons!) A 5€ deal worth 10€ in total. I talked with the lady there who was also with us in the tram…hihi. (Talkative mode on!) She said she’d recommend taro to me and I looked at the menu searching in my head what taro in Tagalog is. I seriously thought it’s ube because of the purple color! Later would I realize that taro is our gabi and of course ube is purple yum, thus the name. I found that out with the help of FB friends, who else?

Taro Latte @Tea-licious

The kids saw that the taro latte is lavender in color and they also thought it to be ube. My two boys immediately chose it while dawty said she’ll have the kiwi tea.

(The lights resembling giant tapioca pearls! My daughter’s kiwi tea.)

Needless to say, the taro was a hit! Save for the tapioca pearls, they left very little in the plastic cup…We also got some postcards which dawty will use for her Postcrossing blogposts. 🙂

Tea-licious opened another branch last Friday and we went there again (to be posted soon). *teehee* It’s nearer our place so we’ll surely be having more bubble teas come summer.

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