salmon paprike spieß

Four days and counting…we’d be back home, to enjoy fresh mangoes, pineapple, papaya, soursop and coconut flesh…I too look forward to all our local delicacies especially seafood grilled golden in charcoal! For our remaining days here, I’m savaging the freezer so that it gets rested while we’re away. I found tuna, shrimps, surimi and salmon, just perfect for teppanyaki. I just included yellow and red paprika and there’s our skewers.


Rice is inevitable, I still have some japanese variant so this is just perfect for sushi rice…the kids enjoyed theirs with nori bits while I sprinkled hubby’s with black sesame seeds.

You ain’t supposed to get salmon when they’re swimming upstream to spawn. But if you’re hungry, you do.”
Loretta Lynn


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