As the sound of chimes and the smell of roasting chestnuts fill the air, you know for a fact that December is coming, and the year-end party is just around the corner.  If you’ve been tasked to take charge of the office party for this year, things may not seem too wonderful for you, though.  Don’t despair as help is on its way.  Here are some tips on how to throw an office year-ender party:


You can start taking a quick survey of who among the employees are available on the date of the party.  This will pretty much give you an idea of how many mouths you have to feed, and how big a venue you should get.


Decide on the theme of your party.  Do you want to have a luau, or maybe an 80’s party?


The most important thing is food (and drinks!).  It can make or break your party.  Long after the excitement has died down, people will always remember how good- or bad- the food was.  Depending on your budget, decide whether your having a sit down or buffet style dinner.  Carefully choose whoever will provide the food.  For instance, if you’re Googling Catering company London- Visit and thoroughly go through their menu.

Meatballs Cooking, party office

If ever you decide to go potluck then there are a number of easy recipes you can make a list of what’s easy on the bite and would require less time to prepare. Try meatballs, smoked salmon on biscuits, pizza bites, crab cakes, sausage puffs – which you can all prepare in bite size pieces.

A party isn’t a party without fun and games.  You can probably get a group of people to help you come up with unique games.  Be sure the games do not offend any religion or ethnic group.  And then you can hire a DJ or band to play some music which people can dance to.
It helps to have a checklist of things you’re supposed to do in planning the party.  As you tick things off the list, you’ll have a greater sense of accomplishment.  All that’s left for you to do then is to party hard.