Sin city, it’s a heavy word connoting what a city allows or caters to vices that are legalized but are anyway morally questioned. Of these cities, Las Vegas would first come to mind. Though eating is not necessarily a vice, gluttony is. Las Vegas offers buffets and there you can binge all you want while enjoying other things that the city offers while on a holiday; attractions, shopping, real games you play at bingopalace.com,  night-life and whatever things you can enjoy that I will not mention here.

After hours of shopping and sight seeing and perhaps shouting for almost winning that most coveted game, it is but natural to head to one of the restaurants around and indulge. Las Vegas Buffets offer a wide-range of cuisines and would fit one’s budget, whether when you want to splurge or limit your expenses.

Garden Court Buffet

There are hundreds of restaurants around the Las Vegas Strip and most of them offers buffet dining or simply a la carte. Your stay won’t be enough to try all of them so before you go, scout reliable online review sites and compare prices and ratings from customers.

Tally down which restaurants offer your favorite cuisine. There’s Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, Greek and for sure Spanish, Mediterranean and whatever flavor you fancy. Make sure you get to list down which and where the restaurant is located to save you time from going about.

The Buffet at Bellagio, Las Vegas
Bellagio buffet, photo via http://www.flickr.com/photos/terenceleezy/6912836462/
buffet at the strip
Dessert Buffet

If you’re a sweet tooth like me, Dessert Buffets are for you, you’re sure to find macarons, sweet tarts, panna cotta and other never-before tasted sweets in one of the hundred dessert tables…there’s even ice cream tasting of the oddest flavor!

Also, if the food is great, if the service is awesome, one thing is for sure, you’ll have to wait being seated because the patrons and all those who’ve been to the best buffets know where their money is worth spending on.

Hotel Bellagio Buffet
Bellagio  Buffet, dessert – http://www.flickr.com/photos/m_a_k_i_/3409158291/


photo credits: hubby, google, respective owners