Look at this eager little boy with his bubble tea. It was his first time to try it but he didn’t hesitate – I’d say he’s a lot like me when it comes to trying out things. So I read about Zugo , light-weight toolbars that are compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox. I installed it and liking it so far. Zugo provides instant access to the best search results on the web, the latest news, links to your favorite sites – Facebook, blogs, email and more (totally customizable). The toolbar updates automatically so you don’t need to check on each site you often visit from time to time – convenient!

In this era where online life has been predominant it is important for distributors and online publishers, such as myself, to be ahead with all things techie. Zugo helps in getting this goal.

By providing distributors with tailored search solutions, branded toolbars and start up pages, they are surely given an exposure to end-users that would boost sales and provide extra revenue. As for publishers, knowing what’s the trend (newest products, latest news) will give them the edge – write about such and your content will surely be picked up by search engines providing you with traffic. Total SEO genius!

Now, since not all would be happy and willing to have toolbars for fear of malware, Zugo has provided an easy step by step uninstall page. I wonder though if all the wonderful services would prompt a user to do that….Zugo has only given benefits – no disadvantage, none that I heard of.