TGIF has been a popular creed among teens, to us too when we were at that age…still is until now that we are working professionals, stay-at-home moms or travel junkies. It’s also what we often reply to when asked by colleagues where to eat out on a Friday night. ” Where should we eat?” – “T.G.I. Friday’s!” That was back home.

Now in Vienna, it is very seldom that we got to visit the sole branch located at the first district. And on those rare moments, we barely managed to take some photos.

(Entrance of the Vienna franchise, photo borrowed from, will post my photo as soon as found.)

I so miss their New York Cheddar Bacon & Burger! Would love to have it again today, it’s Friday anyway! So head’s up to T.G.I. Friday’s regulars…specially Indianapolis, Baltimore, Chicago or West Palm Beach area Friday’s fans! Head on over to your local Friday’s now to pick 2 items for only $10!

Enjoy some of Friday’s® delicious specials (including appetizers, entrees, and desserts):

  • Spinach Florentine Flatbread
  • Savory Dragonfire Chicken
  • Pan-Seared Parmesan Flounder
  • Delicious Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

This offer is available every night of the week! For the full menu being offered, please visit:;244940024;55575682;l?

This sponsorship is brought to you by Friday’s® who we have partnered with for this promotion.