A friend had her new kitchen installed last week and I was there to help her tidy up. She actually had the old kitchen thrown away, the floors redone and the walls repainted before the installation. It was not an easy thing for her, she’s been contemplating on having the kitchen redone since last year but financial constraints has been bothering her. So I told her to read this renovation advice from My Hammer, a guide on why it is wise to increase the value of one’s home. She did read the article and later on decided to buy a new kitchen.

She was happy with the outcome. The people sent over by the kitchen company were professionals so we expected nothing less from them. I do think giving attention to the value of one’s home is beneficial in the long run. You can’t be sure you’ll stay or will have to move again so in case you want to sell your property, you don’t lose much.

We tested the new stove immediately. *teehee* We made spring rolls with ground beef, minced carrots and potatoes and herbs. All cooked to a golden brown.

We also made Apfelstrudel. It’s the easiest we can bake for that day.

Since it was a Monday I had to pick up the kids at 1 PM and went back to my friend’s place. We all had late lunch together. The kids always love being there, there’s a smallΒ  playground just outside. I let them play by themselves which makes them really happy. I anyway can see them from the balcony and can easily tell them to stop being naughty lol.

We’ve scheduled a small get together to test the ovens again hihi. Can’t wait for next week.

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  1. 6-3-2011

    sounds like it is a great idea to do it and nice that you helped her around…those first foods that you made sounds delicious…all the best on your next get together! have a great day! πŸ™‚

  2. 6-3-2011

    You are such a lovely friend and you have a flair for design too.. what a grand taste! I love the new kitchen.I am sharing an award with you.Please come and get it.Thanks

  3. 6-3-2011

    Oh i like it the favorite of hubby. Happy FTF!

  4. 6-3-2011

    Wow! Mare..gusto ko na din magkaroon ng ganyan kagandang kitchen! hehe! yummy spring rolls!

  5. 6-4-2011

    wow thats a beautiful kitchen sis…yummy food!

  6. 6-4-2011

    I love spring rolls! If I had a kitchen like that, I’d probably be in there the whole day.

  7. 6-4-2011

    this is a cozy kitchen! i had Thai and Vietnamese spring rolls two nights in a row.:p i haven’t tried beef in spring rolls.

    P.S. can’t comment on your Photo Hunt post-nag e-error. don’t know why.

  8. 6-4-2011

    Sobrang clean ng kitchen namn,nakakahinayang gamitin, lol!

  9. 6-5-2011

    Yummy crispiness! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  10. 6-5-2011

    Awww!!! would you believe we actually have the same blog theme here sis. kakatuwa naman πŸ˜€ pero i’m soon to redesign it na, kelangan ko lang ng medyo mahaba-habang oras.

    Anyway, it’s my first time here at ginutom mo na agad ako with that spring rolls, hehe… all time fave ko yan.

  11. 6-6-2011

    I love apelstrudels! I miss it actually. Did you make it from scratch, if so can I please have the recipe πŸ™‚

  12. 6-6-2011

    it’s so pretty…love the color … but I always love kitchens with window… hehehe πŸ˜‰ was here!

  13. 6-6-2011

    that spring roll looks yummy!

    And i’d be inspired to cook more and experiment on new recipes with a kitchen as lovely as that =)

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