Puto (Rice Cake)

Meet my eager helper. He’s always having fun doing things with me in the kitchen. He loves to eat and he know that helping me would make baking and cooking faster, therefore, he can eat soon too.

We made puto last week. It was a request from the kindergarten…yes, some of my Austrian friends love this Filipino treat so I obliged. However, poor me doesn’t really know how. lol. It was because another friend would bring puto every summer fest that they got to know about this yummy, soft “cake.”

Since the kids love this too I tried but all I can manage is a ready mix I bought from the Asia shop. 😀

Yes, I baked them instead of steaming them because – I don’t have a steamer. 😀 I read about other bloggers baking puto so I gave it a try. I used both silicon cupcake molds and tin molds – all smothered with butter by the little boy.

Pardon this forgetful Maus for not remembering how high was the oven set. It didn’t took long for the batter to rise and well, those in the silicon got a bit deformed. Those in the tin got a lovely form.

Not the usual and extravagant puto but…still is puto! 😉 Simply yummy!


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silken tofu

I’m glad I was somehow able to  transfer this blog’s content to my other blog, really thought I’d lose everything. I just decided to keep this blog for recipes. Some of my entries that I transferred included a write up about taho (soy bean curd with caramel and tapioca pearls) – a childhood breakfast favorite.

I’ve always enjoyed taho with my older sister. We would hurriedly get our glasses, mine would be stout but big, hers would be thin and taller…it doesn’t represent our figures later on though (not sure lol). We would beg for extra caramel and tapioca pearls all the time…

When we went home last year, I learned that taho is hubby’s favorite too. I never knew this before because, well, there aren’t taho vendors around. It was one morning in our QC home when hearing the familiar call of “tahoooooooo” that he woke up and hurriedly sent me down, made me buy 40pesos of taho! Had I grabbed more coins I’d buy more.



Coming back to Vienna, there’s no way that we can buy taho from a vendor. Thanks to fellow foodies, I found recipes about how to make taho…the moment I got hold of silken tofu…I made taho immediately.


silken tofu
tapioca pearls
caramel (sugar melted in water and heated)

How to:

1. Cook tapioca per package direction.

2. Dissolve sugar in water and cook to caramel consistency.

2. Put silken tofu in a microwave safe container. Heat up 10 minutes.

3. Combine all three ingredients and serve hot or cold.

Voila! Taho in minutes! I’d surely be making this today, it’s our 10th year together after all.



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Sauteed Lentils with Shrimp and Spinach

munggo, lentil

…or more commonly known in my mother tounge as Ginisang munggo. My mom often serves this along with fish or pork chop, if not she would include bits of pork. I prefer putting shrimp with it to maximize iron content, this is something I cook for my asthmatic son. I think I’ve featured this dish here and on my other foodblog often enough but today I’m plating this quite differently.


Munggo (lentils, green mung beans)
Shrimp (shelled and devein)
Fish Sauce

How to:

1. Boil the lentils/mung beans in a large cooking pot or pressure cooker. While waiting for them to tenderize; mince garlic and ginger, cut onions and tomatoes.

2. In a separate pan, saute garlic, onions and ginger. Throw in the tomatoes when the onions become transparent. Put the shrimps next. Season with fish sauce (or salt) and pepper. Set aside.

3. When the mung beans are tender enough, put in the pan contents together in the pot. Add a little water and season according to taste. Add the spinach on top and let cook on the still hot-turned-off- stove. =D


Best served with fried fish! (Another iron-rich food.) I learned that spinach contains inhibitors that will be difficult for the body to absorb iron, so I tend to remove it for my son’s portion. The tomatoes on the other hand contains lots of vitamin C, that which help iron absorption.

(Disclaimer: This dish will not cure bronchitis or asthma, but it will help people with iron-deficiency thereby strenghtening the immune system.)


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