Don’t Sweat It: Foods That Cause Immediate Reactions

Do you like to eat food? Of course! Who doesn’t? We love to eat and eat a wide range of foods. Have you ever eaten food that has strange effects on your body? Have you ever eaten a certain type of food only to find a pool of sweat dripping down your head, the back of your neck, and in other not-so-appropriate areas?


What you put in your body affects everything about your body. Sweating after eating is the result of specific foods you eat which trigger your body to cool itself down. There are health reasons this may be happening as well. It comes down to the type and amount food eaten in a specific diet which leads to sweating.

Why Do Strange Side Effects Occur?

Eating a large amount of food triggers the thermic effect of food. This process is called thermogenesis. Other foods produce strange effects beyond sweating. The following are reasons behind having an increased thermogenic effect on the body:

  • Your body is working extremely hard to digest fat, carbohydrates and sugar.
  • The nervous system is working harder.
  • Your heart rate is elevated and your blood vessels expand, a term known as vasodilation.

Some certain medical conditions, such as diabetes and chronic heart conditions, can cause a tremendous amount of sweat on the head, neck, and face. For the most part, however, sweating during eating is relatively normal.Continue Reading…