It goes without saying that companies that manufacture store bought beer generally have more workers, larger pieces of beer brewing equipment and roomfuls of beer brewing supplies so they can mass produce bottled beer. Clearly, when it comes to volume, store bought beer has an advantage over home brewed beer. However, store bought beer might not have an edge over home brewed beer when it comes to flavor and taste, and isn’t that the reason people drink beer to start with, to enjoy the taste.


Homemade Beer Offering Beer Lovers More Options

Home brewed beers come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, tea, mustard, tomato, bacon steak flavored and oyster. Depending on the beer brewing kits home brewers get, they could blend ingredients and develop more unique tasting beers in a matter of weeks. It could take manufacturers of store bought beers months, if not longer, to work through red tape and get approval to start making and marketing new flavored beers.

When made with dependable home beer brewing equipment, homemade beer can also stay fresh. It’s this freshness that beer drinkers appreciate. As Mark Roessler shares in the January 8, 2013 Valley Advocate “No Beer Like Home” article, “The best-tasting beer is the stuff that’s the freshest and travels the least distance to your glass.”

It’s hard to find a more locally made beer than home brewed beer. Stop by the home of a friend or relative who stocks and uses home brewing supplies in their basement, kitchen or garage, and you might get the chance to drink some of the freshest tasting beer around. Unlike some store bought beer, homemade beer can easily be tweaked and refined throughout the year. Home brewers can also create their own recipes, giving drinkers more options.

Homemade beer: Delicious & Fascinating

One thing homemade beer won’t do is bore you. Some homemade beers are made with beer brewing supplies that add loads of foam, color or thickness to the drinks. You can also enjoy the smell of fresh beer, especially if the brew was recently removed from a kettle. Get your homemade beer from a local brewery and you could also save money on price whether you buy one beer or a case of beer, in part, because homemade beer is made in smaller quantities than store bought beer.

But, perhaps it’s the range of flavors, the unique taste of homemade beers that continue to make locally brewed beer popular. After all, imagine that, after walking inside a home brewery and purchasing beer, you walk out with six bottles of different tasting beer, making you feel as if you’d bought highly flavored beer from a shop that offers as many beer options as Starbucks does coffee. If those types of rare beer options, combined with robust flavor, is what you’re looking for, you might find homemade beer unbeatable.

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This article was written by Rhonda Campbell