We were out some time enjoying the sun that has slowly come out from hibernation. We visited the Danube Park where there are lots of space for the hubby to practice flying his RC helis as I record the experience on video. The kids could go about running too while I take photos of them. There’s a lot to photograph in the area but what impressed me the most is this cabin floating by the river bank. You’ll notice there’s a fishing net hanging behind it.

This reminded me so much of log cabins from the mountainside when we go visiting my grandmom in the province. Or that of a nipa hut at the farms when we go picking black plum, when it’s pineapple season or when the coffee are ready to be plucked. Both places are for me a wondrous escape from the hulabaloos of the city, far from the smoke-congested streets, from the noisy beeps of traffic.

Looking back now, I know in my heart I’m just a simple country girl. And I miss those.

On most of those farms we came to know, a river is most likely to be near the humble lodgings…it’s always a refreshing feeling to be so close to nature! My siblings and cousins would be up climbing trees, running in the open fields and would try to catch those small fishes in the river.

When it’s lunchtime we get to eat something fresh from the farm or something brought in by aunts.  Nothing beats warm bulalo soup (bone-marrow and beef) with corn on such days! There’d be grilled milkfish, tilapia, chicken and pork too, and we’d eat them with hand all beautifull laden on banana leaves…

Since taro leaves are abundant by the river, laing (taro leaves in coconut milk) would be a regular fare. I don’t like it that much before but now that I don’t get to eat it as much, I crave. My mom would bring in leche flan (custard) which she has mastered for a flawless and perfect finish…I used to help her making them and would love to do it by myself soon.

There are always lots of food and fond memories when I look back to my childhood…too bad, I can only look back now but I’m really thankful because those helped me develop and has defined the person that I am now.

Given the chance I’d certainly like to have a mountain getaway with the family for a change. We plan on visiting my older brother in Canada because my husband enjoys snowboarding.  My older brother said that a trip to the Banff National Park would be best.

Should we decide on a more summer-y vacation, there’d be lots of other activities. The kids would surely enjoy it there; we could hike, climb, raft, canoe, bike, golf, fish and most of all horseback ride!  We would spend days in an authentic log cabin nestled in the trees, cool and very close to nature.

Just the idea of warming one’s self by the wood-burning stone fireplace or a relaxing bath in the soaker tub is exciting. One can surely ponder on the serenity of the wilderness while sitting on a private deck with a good book in hand.