Salmon roe (ikura) for sushi is prepared by soaking them in soy sauce and Japanese rice wine (sake). The process helps in removing the strong fishy flavor and makes the texture of the roe smoother and lighter. Each individual roe remains swollen, lightens up in color, and the texture becomes more enjoyable to the palate.

If you think that the taste of the roe is too overpowering, just add quail eggs and cucumber slices to neutralize the flavor.

Since the salmon roe are immersed in soy sauce, one does not need to add more later on.  A little wasabi enhances the sweet flavors from the richness of the roe.

This type of sushi is a bit easier to prepare than the others since you make the shape like a battle ship 😀 not the usual round form.


1 cup prepared sushi rice
1 sheet nori
3/4 teaspoon wasabi paste, or to taste
4 ounces prepared salmon roe


1. Prepare 8 finger sushi by dipping your right hand into a bowl of vinegared water and then tap your fingers on a damp towel to remove excess water, and take up about 2 tablespoons sushi rice. Form the rice into 8 small oval bite-sized portions, measuring about 2 inches long by 1 inch wide.

2. Cut nori into 8 strips, each 1 inch X 7 inches. I cut mine too big 😀

3. Wrap a 1 inch strip of nori around the sides of each finger sushi, shiny side out (sticking it closed with a grain of rice, if necessary), creating a tiny collar all around the rice.

4. Dab a little wasabi paste on top of the rice inside the nori collar. Delicately spoon about 1 tablespoon of the salmon roe into each nori collar. Serve immediately while the nori is crisp. (Lifted from

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