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Chocolate-y Cake pops

On this side of the world, my favorite chocolates and candies can be bought from a lone shop – at the United Nations Commissary. I’m talking about certain american products; those are not readily available in our local groceries. I would ask a friend then, who works at the UN to buy me some…thank goodness,… Read More Chocolate-y Cake pops


Steamed Tilapia

I found some lemons in the fridge! I am reminded how I had long planned to do a lemon cleanse but I still haven’t been to it until now.  Excess weight is something that millions of people all over the world are battling to get rid of and I’m one of those. More than vanity,… Read More Steamed Tilapia


Buffets at the Strip

Sin city, it’s a heavy word connoting what a city allows or caters to vices that are legalized but are anyway morally questioned. Of these cities, Las Vegas would first come to mind. Though eating is not necessarily a vice, gluttony is. Las Vegas offers buffets and there you can binge all you want while… Read More Buffets at the Strip