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Knödel and an Upside Down Kitchen

June 8, 2011

kitchen upside down

I was wandering at Lutz, a furniture store near our place the other day and this upside down kitchen display caught my attention. Yep, it gives me a headache when I look at it, but I just have to have a photo. This is a sample of Lutz’ ready-made compact kitchens – now the trend in kitchen units. Compact kitchens are popular for their being space-saving. Each kitchen are complete with sink, stove, oven, compact refrigerator and freezer and storage cabinets. Some also include installed microwave ovens, range hoods and wall cabinets…sometimes customized per customer’s needs.

Compact kitchens are most convenient especially for homes with limited space. If you remember the kitchen renovation entry two posts below, that is actually a compact kitchen ordered from this same shop, Lutz. ^_^

I went around the shop a bit more, I only bought a small basket for bread. Shortly before noon I went to pick up the kids at school. On our way back we passed by a grocery store to which my son requested that we buy some Knödel (dumplings) for dessert. I’ve never made Knödel at home ever so I bought a ready to cook Knödel box, one with quark cheese, the other with apricot.

Cooking them reminded me of Ginataang bilo-bilo (glutinous rice balls in coconut milk). The texture and feel is every inch a bilo-bilo or palutang. Knödel can be made with Pâte à choux,the dough used to make profiteroles, and eclairs sans the puffing.

They can also be made with flour & potato batter. Marillenknödel is made by wrapping the potato dough around whole plums or apricots. They are then boiled and later on rolled in hot buttered caramelized bread crumbs (Streusel). Yum! that’s the part I like best. Topfenknödel on the other hand, have quark cheese (Topfen) inside, either topped with cinnamon sugar or streusel too. Would really like to learn how these are made…will try them soon enough. 😉

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  1. I am amaze by the kitchen cabinet it does look upside down ^_^ And Marillenknödel sounds really good. An apricot inside from a potato batter is something new to me. Wish I could taste it ^_^

  2. ok ung upside-down kitchen, G!
    …and those dumplings look delicious, too! para bang palutang? reminds me of the mochi which i added to my yoghurt months ago…lol.

  3. Oh wow. Drop dead gorgeous kitchen. Very interesting concept.
    Another round of Colorful Weekend is up. Consider joining again? I’d love to see more color splash from you. 🙂

  4. that kitchen will definitely caught anybody’s attention, i think! those dumplings sounds really great, wish i could try some…have a great weekend! 🙂

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