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Enjoy a Meal with the Family on Your Cozy Breakfast Nook

March 28, 2017


If you’re building a home or planning to remodel one, you might want to include a breakfast nook in the plan. It’s a smart and multi-functional space-saver that every kitchen should have. Most homes with limited floor space incorporate breakfast nooks, as these not only serve as a cozy eating space but it can also be used as a workstation. A breakfast nook is often positioned near the window, usually in an alcove or bay. The purpose is for the nook to catch the morning light.

breakfast nook
cozy and inviting

However, it’s no longer surprising to see a variety of breakfast nooks these days. Some nooks are elaborate while others are very simple. Some are elevated with high chairs or stools and this style is perfect for smaller kitchens. On the other hand, large families prefer L-shaped nooks as it can accommodate many people in one sitting.

A breakfast nook can make mornings better. Imagine yourself rousing from sleep, padding through your kitchen, and settling yourself in your nook with a cup of hot coffee in your hand. As you sit cozily in your nook, you can pore over the morning paper or make a quick scan of your email inbox. It’s a scene typical during the weekends. Yet, if you have a breakfast nook, every morning can give you a warm and cozy weekend feel to it.

The breakfast nook is where a family can gather and comfortably enjoy a home-cooked meal before they start the day. As much as possible, you want the breakfast nook to be just the right size. It shouldn’t be too large; otherwise, you’re bound to lose the intimacy for which breakfast nooks are known to imbue. For a family of four, a good-sized breakfast nook would be around six to eight feet wide and five to seven feet deep. The proportions would give each person ample room for themselves without taking away the cozy feeling.

To make sure that you set the right mood for your breakfast nook, go with hardwood flooring to match the warm hues of your kitchen. Oakwood makes a fine choice as it exudes warmth and comfort. They say that the kitchen is unanimously the most favorite room in the house. You can prove this true by incorporating hardwood floors to go with the warm hues in your kitchen.

Breakfast nooks of old were always built beside windows to let natural light seep through. You can do this with your breakfast nook, too. Make sure you build or place it near big windows to allow for plenty of daylight. Why is this important? Well, natural light coming from the sun will make the room cheery and comfortable. Moreover, it makes the entire kitchen look “livable.” However, more than that, natural light makes any meal you put on the breakfast nook look delicious.

Remember, sharing a meal with the family can strengthen familial bonds. As insignificant as it may seem to some, a breakfast nook can just be the thing to hold a family closer together.

breakfast corner
Our corner, need to free some space…

  1. A breakfast nook is sure cozy and inviting! At the moment, our kitchen is just a table and chairs and hardly gets used. This idea sure would make me change that instantly!

  2. Unlike cabinets, kitchen nook tables aren’t just breakfast kitchen tables . they’re designed around the family eating experience. The five best bench nooks and corner dining tables are featured below. Each one is a well crafted piece of furniture in its own right and all are great value for money.

  3. I love this idea. There is a place off of my kitchen/dining room that would be perfect. All we would have to do is add insulation, redo or add walls in some areas that were not finished and I would want to cut out part of the wall and remove the back or kitchen door and make that part a type of bar or place for decorations. It has big windows all along the outer wall and would give plenty of light and there is a door to separate it from my laundry room. Just getting the money to get it done is our biggest problem. I think it would be worth it though to get a small loan and we could do most of the work ourselves and I have plenty of floor tile left from where we did the kitchen floor to use in it. It would be big enough to even have plenty of beautiful plants to make it more beautiful and with the light from the windows they would get great light to help them grow in the winter months, although I would probably want plants that could stay in there year round. Thanks for this awesome blog. Gave me ideas and makes me want it even more. So look out hubby we just might have a project coming up in the near future. So start saving now… lol 🙂

  4. I think the breakfast nook is lovely but with a family ot 8 it is not feasible for us. Perhaps when we have an empty nest…

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