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(Eel, california maki, butterfish sushi, tuna and salmon sashimi)

Long before I got obsessed Β with macarons I was addicted to eel. I wrote a lot of times about eel before… before this blog’s content were deleted. I remember an instant when I had to search all over the city for a restaurant selling them…lol. Little did I know that they’re sold at the Asian grocery stores by the Naschmarkt. After that discovery I would allot a part of our food budget for eel, even once a month.

Imagine my excitement seeing them at EBI, a Japanese restaurant we visited with friends last week. The joint was established just last year but they already have a big following…I think it has to do with the food, the ambiance and of course, the budget.


Customers are given 6 rounds to order. You will be given a menu where you cross out your choices. Theirs would be the most diverse I’ve seen. Ranging from the usual maki and sushi comprised by salmon, tuna, butterfish to maki of different fillings and temaki too of your choice. There’s sashimi from the freshest fishes (no sea urchin though). They got lobsters and shrimps – but are limited for one order only, additional orders would cost you 4,90€ each.

There’s duck, lamb, pork, beef, chicken, turkey for grilling…be sure you browse each type of cooking and sauces indicated on the dish. There’s gyoza and other dumplings too – I was only able to taste one.

(Spicy tuna roll, I think and california rolls.)

My japanese taste buds opted for well, Japanese, but I did have a bit or two of the others as taste-test. The kids also had everything Japanese but because there was a small playroom they tend to go there than eat. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t get to enjoy the food as much as I did.

For dessert we tried their ice cream in flavors of vanilla for the daughter, red bean for the older son, black sesame for the little boy and green tea for me. I wasn’t able to taste the green tea as something unexpected happen…I had to leave the table earlier with my youngest to take him to the hospital. πŸ™

The restaurant was big and ideal for group-eats. Like us, we reserved about 4 tables to accommodate all the food coming in. hihi. The ambiance, I said, was totally cool and the open kitchen an additional plus. The only thing I think they’d done better is the playroom…the floor were solid cement and thus injured my super active son.

Not minding that, I’d definitely be back for more. At 16,90€ a head, it’s worth saying “tomorrow, I Β will really start my diet.” πŸ˜€

Ebi is located at our district so it would only take us 7 minutes to travel by car, since we don’t have one we take the bus. It takes 25 minutes with public transport (2 buses) so expect to see more of this restaurant here.


All you can eat Japanese Restaurant

Leopoldauerstrasse 45, 1210 Vienna

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  1. 7-14-2011

    my kind of restaurant–eat all you can sushis and maki.:p
    i’m drooling over the sashimis! waaaa, mapapanaginipan ko to!

  2. 7-14-2011

    Me too! I can eat everyday in any Jap resto. The maki’s, sashimi’s and sushi’s, drooling over them!
    Visiting you via FTF.

  3. 7-14-2011

    I am not into sushi but my better half does.

    Spice Up Your Life

  4. 7-14-2011

    Japanese food is a family’s favorite! you make me crave right at this moment….Hmmmmnnn perhaps we need to enjoy this time.We havent been out as a family for the last three weeks.. my work and new schedule prevent us from eating out.

  5. 7-15-2011

    drooling, too, over those sushis:) ganda nga ng ambiance ng resto, may playplace for the kids pa, di sila maiinip.

    have a happy weekend.

  6. 7-15-2011

    i am not really into japanese food, but i like sushi very much and maki rolls! hehehe.. visiting from MM! hope you can drop by too!

  7. 7-15-2011

    before i start on the food comments, i hope your son is ok. *hugz* for him! πŸ™‚

    ok, now, let’s get on with the foods. I love jap foods, as a matter of fact, i just had mine yesterday night. πŸ˜›

    the sashimi looks good… yummm!!!

  8. 7-15-2011

    awww, sorry but im not into japanese foods but had tried once. i really dont like it. hehe!

    well at least you love japs πŸ˜‰

    happy MM!


    see yah, thanks!

  9. 7-15-2011

    My Husband Loves Japanese food…

    Im your newest follower from Mommy Mooments πŸ™‚

  10. 7-15-2011

    Aside from Chinese foods, Japanese foods always please my taste buds. Hope that restaurant will put carpet or soft mats at the play room, so you can eat well without worrying much on the safety of your kids. Hope your son is doing great now. πŸ™‚ Happy Friday.

  11. 7-15-2011

    I do love Japanese food but only the cooked dishes. I love the rolls too especially California maki.

    Happy Weekend! Visiting from Mommy Moments!

  12. 7-15-2011

    back here again…penge ng makisssss:)

  13. 7-15-2011

    the food looks delicious and the place looks nice too. visiting for MM. here is mine: http://lesleyanneyp.com/2011/07/mommy-moments-restaurants/

  14. 7-15-2011

    I only cook eat in my imaginary restaurant on FB, lol!

  15. 7-15-2011

    wow sushi! i had one before.. it was my first time and the last time. i like the taste but my tummy was complaining, i guess because of the spices and being uncooked. =(

    A SAHM Reviews.Net

  16. 7-16-2011

    yum. though i am not a big fan of japanese food, i enjoy it once in awhile!

  17. 7-17-2011

    Those are yummy Japanese treats! Happy MM, Mommy! Here’s my entry: http://www.pensivethoughts.com/2011/07/mommy-moments-restaurants.html

  18. 7-17-2011

    love it, everything looks great! i think their price is fine knowing japanese foods, they are expensive! anyway, i’m sorry to hear what happened to your little boy, hope he is ok now. please give him a hug from me. sana they will put rubber mats na so it will be safer for kids. visiting from FTF, have a great week. πŸ™‚

  19. 7-17-2011

    ayoko ng site mo, nakakagutom, masisira ang diet ko, paglagi ako nag visit dito! LOL! I’m a sucker for japanese food!!!

  20. 7-18-2011

    I so love japanese food except sashimi. lol!

  21. 7-19-2011

    I love Japanese food and the sushi really looks fresh! Nice effort for the playroom but,yes, it should be safe too πŸ™‚

  22. 7-22-2011

    Eek, I didn’t like eel when I first tried it. Kaya I always stick to something with tuna or salmon. Feeling safe, hehehe!

    Late visit from last week’s Food Trip Friday.

    Tocino with egg and tomato salad

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