Cupcake Sprinkles & WBFC 27

Long overdue post. The kids and I made cupcakes and our favorite cream cheese frosting one Sunday morning. To engage them doing it with me I made design their cupcakes with candy sprinkles (above is done by youngest). I still use my basic cupcake recipe which you can find here.

We’ve adjusted for daylight savings today but I still feel lazy to do stuff for that extra hour added. So for now, I’m joining Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 27 – Facebook page liking. If you haven’t done yet, please do like Mahlzeit’s page.

Hubby arrived yesterday from his 3-week vacation so we’ve been cooking a lot since. Today though, we’d be lazying a bit. Enjoy your Sunday!

Oh! Join WBFC by clicking badge below….this week’s sponsors are Work at Home Wife and Mother and Stay at Home Wife and Mother.




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