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For the Love of Food and Travelling

  Pardon that you’d be bombarded with pasta dishes in the following posts. ūüėÄ Still part of our Italian tour, we visited Bologna, which is year 2000’s European capital of culture¬†and¬†the capital¬†of the¬†Emilia-Romagna¬†Region in¬†Northern Italy as the last stop. Hubby jokingly said that he would have its infamous dish, pasta with ragu alla bolognese¬†for sure…I… Read More For the Love of Food and Travelling

Italian, pasta

Gnocchi, Tuna and Ricotta

I’ve recently found a food fondness (alliteration not intended) that has been long forgotten. Gnocchi, those thick, soft dumplings I like eating with tuna sauce reintroduced itself in our kitchen after a year of absence. ^_^ I think I’ve been overlooking that particular shelf…hmm more of I can’t see it for the height of me.… Read More Gnocchi, Tuna and Ricotta

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Simple Carbonara

I would like to call this simple dish four-ingredient Carbonara but counting everything in – including pasta, there’s actually more and I forgot to include ¬†two other ingredients in this photo – parmesan and pepper. So let’s say four-ingredient Carbonara sauce. ^_^ Italian Carbonara doesn’t have cream; that’s what I’ve been reiterating in my posts… Read More Simple Carbonara


Pineapples on Spaghetti

I truly have Pinoy (Filipino) preferences when it comes to Spaghetti. I’ll have it sweet than the salty Jamie Oliver’s or bolognese¬†or the sour marinara and ascuitta sauces. Even if ¬†original italian sauces tend to swerve on the two than sweet, I’m used to having it with lots of catsup (we say ketchup) and for… Read More Pineapples on Spaghetti