Cordon Bleu

(Homemade Cordon Bleu) One of my kids favorite and mine as well is cordon bleu (French: blue ribbon). I used to cook this fried and often until I decided to cook healthier meals. For one, I use olive and oil and coconut oil, I bake than fry when possible. Perhaps chocolate cakes and cupcakes are… Read More Cordon Bleu


Sizzling chicken

I’ve long wanted to buy a sizzling plate…I really miss those sizzling chicken, spare ribs  and sisig with lots of gravy, buttered veggies and mashed potato on the side. Yeap, calorie overload! I saw some at amazon but I still haven’t got the “lust” to click the buy button. 😀 Since they’d be shipped from… Read More Sizzling chicken

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Orange Chicken

You’ve probably had this from Chowking. I had. I tried it because this is their newest dish back when we were home. I have always enjoyed orange chicken. I thought this might be good since I think all Chowking dishes are good. 😉  I was rather disappointed to see a very small portion served before… Read More Orange Chicken