Beef, or Veggie Burger? How the Protein Package Matters for Health

  Protein is one of the essential building blocks of the human body. Found in muscle, bone, hair, skin, and throughout the organs and tissues, protein-based enzymes are responsible for fueling many of the crucial chemical processes that the body relies on daily. There are at least 10,000 distinct types of proteins that are active… Read More Beef, or Veggie Burger? How the Protein Package Matters for Health

Austrian/German, beef


At first look you’ll know that this is like Morcon, a rolled meat with fillings of vegetables, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, hotdogs and pickles served on special occasions back home. Rouladen simply means rolled meat. The German and Austrian counterpart has less filling and has a different sauce from what I remember my mom makes. Well,… Read More Rinderrouladen


Beef, braised

Back when hubby and I are still dating we would have favorite restaurants and certain dishes that we order in pair like our palate and tummies are synchronized. ^_^ There was a restaurant, whose name now lost in memory, that served a dish we still remember – it’s savory aroma still reminiscent of our visits.… Read More Beef, braised


Rib-eye Steak

— I’ve got Gordon Ramsay to thank for this rib-eye steak cooked right, juicy and tender. I’m not so good when it comes to meat, I almost always have them baked. Poor us! So this time I braved what reservations I have. Took out a grill pan, heated it and smothered with butter. I salt-peppered the steaks, rubbing… Read More Rib-eye Steak


Braised Beef with carrots

Braising is a process of slow cooking tougher cuts of meat in liquid in order to add flavor and to moisten and tenderize the meat. This technique is also known as pot-roasting. In a beef cut such as a chuck roast, there is a pattern of connective tissues and thick marbling that makes the meat… Read More Braised Beef with carrots